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Late/No Show Policy

Henrico Pediatrics has been open for over thirty years. At no time have we charged a patient or their family for not showing up for an appointment and we do not plan to so.

However, there are families that neglect to show up for appointments and do not call in advance to let us know.

Our policy has been the following over the last 10 years and we want to make sure you are aware of it:


  1. If a family does not show up for an appointment after 10 minutes past their appointment time, we consider it a "no show".

  2. If a family does call to cancel and it is less than 24 hours before the appointment, we also consider it a "no show".

  3. If a family has three or more "no shows" in a 12 month period, we may, on a case-by-case basis, require the family to transfer their care to another practice.  We will, per applicable law, still see the patient for a period of time to allow them to transfer their records.

  4. Families that "no show" to sibling appointments the same day (for example a brother and sister scheduled back-to-back) may be denied the ability to make the same type of appointment in the future. Also, sibling appointments that are late (more than 15 minutes) for one child but not the other may have only one child be seen that day.

Thank you for reading this policy and understand we do this so that we can stay as close to on time as possible for those that show up on time.

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